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Creative Kids “Sing and Learn”

“Welcome to Creative Kids Sing and Learn. We are dedicated to helping children develop self-confidence and creative expression though performing arts education. Children will sing, act, dance, and learn with our fun and educational children’s songs and plays, musical classes, musical theater camps, children’s concerts and assemblies. We teach performing arts classes for children ages 2 to 12. We offer musical theater camps,  feature children’s music concerts  and present musical and educational assemblies. Assembly themes include: Respect, Kindness, and Tolerance, Science, History and Social Science, and Creative Expression.

Original Children’s Songs & Musical Plays

In addition to teaching and performing, we create musical teaching tools and performance material which we use in our classes, assemblies, concerts, and theater camps. Our Creative Kids Sing and Learn teaching tools include children’s educational songs and musical plays. Our songs and plays offer a creative and fun way for children to learn kindness, respect, tolerance, creative expression, science, and history through music, drama, and dance. Books are coming soon! Have fun exploring our website. Listen to our songs! Visit our Store!