Creative Kids Performing Arts Musical Assemblies

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Creative Kids Musical Assemblies Teach Respect, Kindness, Tolerance, Creativity, Science & History

Our Creative Kids Sing and Learn Assemblies integrate live music, theater, dance, and audience participation with social concepts, science or history.  For the 2017/18 school year we are featuring the assembly themes below. “Sharing Our World” assemblies focus on respect, kindness, tolerance, and creative expression. Our Science assemblies feature our Creative Kids songs about metamorphosis, how plants grow, rock classifications, the solar system, and the water cycle. Check out more information on other themes below. Listen to our assembly songs.

Science Assemblies

  • Butterfly – A Latin song about metamorphosis
  • Rock-A-Boogie – This rock song is about Metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks
  • Solar System –  This Calypso song is about the planets in our solar system
  • Green Plant Recipe – This blues song describes what it takes for plants to grow, photosynthesis
  • The Earth and Me – A country-rock song about caring for our earth’s environment.
  • The Weather Song – A hip-hop song about the water cycle.

Branch Elementary best

At Branch Elementary School, Diana performs science songs with Brad Schultz

History Assemblies

Ancient Egyptians – A rock song and reader’s theater about life in the ancient Egyptian civilization

Statue of Liberty –  A patriotic-style tune about the Statue of Liberty

Wild West Swing – A country swing song about the Wild West and Gold Rush Days

Oregon Trail – A hip-hop, rap song about life on the Oregon Trail

Los Ranchos Assembly 2

Kindness, Respect and Tolerance Assemblies   

“Sharing Our World”

  • Cool To Be Kind – A 1950s style song about manners, being kind, and having empathy
  • Get Along Hoedown – A country song about getting along despite different opinions, expressing feelings
  • Golden Rule – This upbeat song is about respect and treating others the way we want to be treated
  • Best Friend – A light and breezy song about appreciating our differences and friendship
  • Different Faces From Different Places – A Latin song about tolerance, acceptance of other cultures
  • The Earth and Me – How to take environmental responsibility of our planet and care about earth

Creative Expression Assemblies:

I’ve Got Rhythm – This Song explores rhythm in music and dance, including beat, tempo, etc.

I Like To Sing – This fun song describes the joy a child finds in singing and creative expression

Just Be Yourself – This Blues song is about self expression and just being yourself

“Cinderello” – Reader’s Theater Script about self-confidence

*Assembly Fees:  $200 for one 45-minute assembly. $300 for two 45-minute assemblies. For more information email