Diana’s Contemporary Songs

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Diana-CD-front-cover-2014-500x477The album, “Second Chance,” has a country spirit with a dash of blues, and vintage rock. Singer/songwriter Diana Lynn Carter wrote and recorded “Second Chance” after surviving her battle with stage 4 cancer in 2014. The album features soulful vocals, stirring lyrics and entertaining melodies. In the title track, “Second Chance,” Diana celebrates life with a country-fried musical party. Fantasy meets sarcasm, humor, and technology in the vintage-rock style song, “Soulmate.” The tunes, “Why?” and “This Is My Life,” are blues inspired and thought-provoking. “I’m Home Again” tells the story of moving on and feeling at home with yourself and is set to a retrospective country-rock melody. The album was released December 18, 2014 by Carter House Productions. “Second Chance” is the second contemporary music album for Diana. This contemporary EP album features Diana on vocals, rhythm guitar, piano and percussion. Dorian Michael on rhythm and lead guitars and ukulele, Rick Sutton on banjo, and Jean Rochelle on viola. All songs were recorded and mastered at Sutton Sound Studio in Atascadero, CA.

Politics&FairyTales-CDJacket-FINALIn 2012, Carter House Productions produced and released “Politics and Fairy Tales,” a contemporary folk-rock album written and recorded by Diana Lynn Carter. “It was something I wanted to do for a while,” said Carter, who had produced three children’s music albums before producing her contemporary adult album. The album features Carter on vocals and rhythm guitar, Dorian Michael on lead guitars, and Jean Rochelle on viola. It was recorded and mastered at Sutton Sound Studio in Atascadero.