Listen To Our Songs

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I Like To Sing -– A fun and harmonious melody is about the joy of singing.

I’ve Got Rhythm – A Latin toe tapping tune about rhythm, beat, and tempo

Best Friend – A light and breezy song about friendship and appreciating our differences

Cool To Be Kind –  A blues song about being kind, thoughtful and using manners

The Yoga Song – A beautiful ballad about a child’s experience in yoga.

It’s The Fall – A country song about the Autumn or Fall Season

Summertime –  This upbeat, 1960’s style surf song is all about the joys of summer.

Get Along Hoedown – A country song about getting along, despite our different opinions.

On The Holidays – A country style, folk-rock song about sharing our joy on the holidays

The Winter Princess – A musical tale with dance steps and movements for young dancers

The Ballet Song –  A waltz featuring dance terms in a story for beginning ballet dancers

The Statue Of Liberty – Kids will march to this fun song about The Statue of Liberty

Sing and Learn with Diana – The theme song to the Sing and Learn with Diana series

Our Solar System – A song about our solar system featuring 8 planets. Sorry Pluto.

The Earth and Me– This upbeat song is about the environment and how each of us can help

Butterfly – Metamorphosis and the life cycle of a butterfly

Wild West Swing – A country swing tune about theGold Rush and Wild West

Oregon Trail Rap – A hip-hop tune about the Oregon trail

The Weather Song – The water cycle is described in this funky tune

Just be Yourself – A Jazzy song about self-esteem

My Teddy Bear – A funny lullaby about our friend the Teddy bear

Rock-A-Boogie – A boogie-woogie rock song about metamorphic, sedimentary, igneous rocks

The Golden Rule – A do-op song about treating others with respect

Ancient Egyptians – A song about life in Ancient Egypt

The Green Plant Recipe – From seed to sun; this blues song tells us how plants grow

It’s Only Me – How imagination can make play a learning experience

Song for All Seasons – A calypso style song about the four seasons

Seven Days A Week – The order of the days of the week are woven into a fun story

You Were There – A song that describes appreciation for family and friends in our lives

You’ll Find Me Waiting There – A ballad about a friend who is waiting to be there for you

My House, My World and Me – A sweet song about our community and our world

Different Faces From Different Places – A Latin song about diversity and tolerance

To Be A Hero – Any one can be a hero, not matter how small. This song rocks!

Rainy Day Blues – A blues song about making the best of a rainy day