Bringing You Music Concerts And Theater Parties!

With Creative Kids Performing Arts, you and your guests are part of the entertainment. When Creative Kids goes on the road, we bring the music and entertainment to you. We provide Interactive children’s music concerts and theater parties. Children’s concerts can be designed for specific age groups and for an additional fee we can write a custom song for your child that everyone will learn. Concerts include dancing, percussion, some props and costumes too.

For theater parties, we bring the theater to you. We bring the play, scripts, some costumes and props, music, easy choreography and even the director to you. We go over the theme and number of participants ahead of time so we can be sure to have enough parts for all the children at the party who will be participating. Theater parties are available for Moms’ and Dads’ parties too.

Find our more. email:creativekids@slosong.com