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Music and Creative Learning Tools For Children!

Carter House Productions produces original children’s music and creative learning products. “Creative Kids” and “Sing and Learn with Diana,” feature fun, original and educational songs, plays, reader’s theater, and coming  soon: books! Our songwriters are Diana Lynn Carter and Lindsay Carter Coates. Our playwrights are Diana Lynn Carter and Whitney Almaguer. Our writers are also teaching artists with Creative Kids, Central Coast.

Our musical and educational products are designed to entertain and teach children about science, history, and social concepts. We offer children a creative way to learn while having fun and experiencing the creative arts.


I Like To Sing -– A fun and harmonious melody is about the joy of singing.
I’ve Got Rhythm – A Latin toe tapping tune about rhythm, beat, and tempo
Best Friend – A light and breezy song about friendship and appreciating our differences
Cool To Be Kind –  A Blues style song about kindness and using manners
The Yoga Song – A beautiful ballad about a child’s experience in yoga.
It’s The Fall – A country song about the Autumn or Fall Season
Summertime –  This upbeat, 1960’s style surf song is all about the joys of summer.
Get Along Hoedown – A country song about getting along, despite our different opinions.
On The Holidays – A country style, folk-rock song about sharing our joy on the holidays
The Winter Princess – A musical tale with dance steps and movements for young dancers
The Ballet Song –  A waltz featuring dance terms in a story for beginning ballet dancers


Science and Social Science Songs
Seven Days A Week
Land Water and Air
Statue of Liberty
Flat and Sharp Teeth
Different Faces
Song for All Seasons
Betsy Ross
Green Plant Recipe
The Golden Rule
Our Sun The Star
Far Away and Not So Far
My Piggy Bank
Solid, Liquid, Gas
My House, My World, Me

Sing and Learn History Songs

History Songs
The Oregon Trail Rap (a hip-hop song about the Oregon Trail_
Wild West Swing (a country swing song about the Gold Rush)
Statue of Liberty ( an upbeat song about the Statue of Liberty)
Ancient Egyptians (A fun song about Ancient Egyptians)

Sing and Learn Science Album

Science Songs
Our Solar System  (A fun song about the eight planets in our solar system)
Butterfly  (A latin beat about life cycles and metamorphosis)
The Weather song  (A hip-hop song about weather and the water cycle)
Rock-a-Boogie  (metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks)
Green Plant Recipe  (A Do-op tune about how plants grow, photosynthesis)
Song for All Seasons  (A calypso song about the four seasons)


Kindness and Respect
It’s Cool To Be Kind (kindness, manners)
The Golden Rule (Respect, Caring, Being Thoughtful)
You Were There (Love, family, caring)
To Be A Hero (Anyone can be a hero)
Just Be Yourself (self-esteem and being true to yourself)
You’ll Find Me Waiting There (friendship and caring)